Trick or Treat

October is what I like to refer to as the kick off to the upcoming holiday season.   Halloween…Thanksgiving…Hanukkah…Christmas…Kwanzaa…New Year’s!  That’s a lot of festivities in just 63 days and we love every minute of it!  This is the time of year that we are busy working with many of you, creating memorable family gatherings and/or company holiday festivities that leave any palate satisfied but also craving more!  Deliveries are in full swing, holiday parties are being secured, celebratory events are happening all around town and lots of creative and entertaining cakes are going out the door!

Dorothy Thompson, the Executive Pastry Chef for Upstream Catering & Upstream Brewing Company has been in the treat business for over 22 years and one of her specialties is crafting custom cakes and other desserts that are sometimes a little too realistic and may even  leave you asking, “Is this a Trick?  Or a Treat?”  No tricks here…these cakes will cure any sweet tooth!

Jenny Minino ~ Off Premise Catering Sales Manager