World's Pickiest Catering Professional...

In my first 90 days of working at Upstream Catering, I have had the opportunity to sample many of our made from scratch entrees, desserts and of course craft beer.  The uniqueness of the dishes we offer is how we set ourselves apart from our competition, so I guess you could say it is in my job description to eat and drink!  I love every minute of it, but that wasn’t always the case!

In 2003, when I first started my career in the catering world in Las Vegas, Nevada I was known to some of my co-workers as “the world’s pickiest catering professional.”  But when you work in the catering industry it is important to know your product so you can explain in detail what your customers can plan to experience.  This was a title I was determined to vanquish!  Sampling food is now a part of my job, and at first I had to force myself to try new things.  Over time my palate has evolved and I believe my previous title of "the world's pickiest catering professional" has been officially retired!  

Food sampling at Upstream Catering has to be one of my favorites yet!  It is not your typical banquet food.  In fact, many of our most popular dishes are also offered in both of our restaurants!  While I can not name all, some of my Upstream Catering favorites include…

  • Artichoke & Asiago Cheese Dip with Toasted Garlic Beer Bread
  • Brandied Apple & Craisin Croustade with Bleu Cheese and Arugula
  • Sauteed Chicken with Leek and Pecan Cream
  • Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast Medallions with Shallot Jus Lie, garnished with Craisins, Apples and Walnuts
  • Seasonal Steamed Vegetables (for those that know me personally you know this is not a common like for me)
  • Warm Caramel Bread Pudding
  • Seasonal Craft Beer:  All Hallows Pumpkin-Weizen

A recent favorite of mine was discovered at the Omaha World Heralds, Wedding Essentials Ideas Show in October.  Executive Pastry Chef Dorothy was handing out samples of the most delicious specialty cake I have ever consumed. It was an orange cake with strawberries and cream filling with a vanilla buttercream frosting.  It was so light and flavorful that I had to order it for my son’s 4th birthday party the next weekend.  It was a big hit for both the adults and kids!  Here is a picture of the end product!

Jenny Minino ~ Off Premise Catering Sales Manager

Upstream Catering Specialty Cake for Zac's 4th Birthday!

Upstream Catering Specialty Cake for Zac's 4th Birthday!